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Understanding the Role of an Enrolled Agent (EA)

Understanding the Role of an Enrolled Agent (EA)

Understanding the Role of an Enrolled Agent (EA)

Enrolled Agents or (EAs) are official tax practitioners who are legitimately licensed from the federal agency who hold the power to represent taxpayers in front of IRS when it comes to collections, appeals, and audits. EAs are specially granted powers wherein they are eligible unlimited practice rights to represent their clients before IRS. They also have a sole power to prepare tax reports for various clients such as individuals, corporates, trusts, entities, partnerships. They do possess the right to advise any of these clients in terms of tax respites.


The role of the EA is extremely critical as they facilitate any and every law pertaining to taxation. That being said, how does one become an Enrolled Agent? The sole way to acquiring a certification is by passing a comprehensive exam that encompasses various aspects of the US taxation codes. An added advantage could be that if one has worked for a minimum of five years in a position that normally was into the application of tax codes and its regulations.

One should not confuse Enrolled Agent as just another tax professional. Enrolled agents are extremely proficient in demonstrating their competency in all aspects and areas of taxation. Also their right to represent taxpayers unlimited times before IRS gives them an upper hand. While Attorneys and CPA are state licensed, they have a power of choice to specialize in taxes, on the other hand, an EA sole purpose is taxation services.

The prospects after becoming a certified EA are bright. Tax BPOs in India specializing in processing US tax returns are always on the lookout for qualified EAs. And, therefore, EAs command a huge premium at these companies. As EA is a specialized field, a right amount of coaching should be imparted in order to succeed in its certification. Concorde Academics based in Mumbai, have taken it upon themselves to create awareness and impart education the right way. Their expert faculty ensures that every aspect of the syllabus charted in the course is attended to. This makes the candidate more confident and helps in attaining that one elusive step closer, in clearing the examination.

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