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Anjali Mirchandani

Anjali Mirchandani

My Scores: AUD - 96, BEC - 98, FAR - 97, REG - 94

Months ago when I started my CPA journey, I chose Concorde after careful consideration - and I’m glad I did so. The guidance provided for the entire process is clear and helpful; the Gleim CPA review material & test banks are expansive and thorough, and the professors are extremely knowledgeable and teach you the most important thing - how to learn on your own!

I’m humbled & honored to receive the Elijah Watt Sells award which is a testimony to my strongest belief - An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Bhavika Mirchandani

Bhavika Mirchandani

My Scores: AUD - 89, BEC - 94, FAR - 98, REG - 93

Whenever you are preparing for a professional exam you need to make sure that the study material you are using is giving you a vast coverage of the subjects. I researched and found that Gleim has been publishing the CPA review for more than 4-decades.

Today I can confidently say that my choice of choosing the Concorde-Gleim CPA Review was just perfect! Gleim kind of actually over prepared me for my final exam! While the Redbooks gave me conceptual clarity, mcq's covered every concept and finally the AI based SmartAdapt for mock exams was just amazing! It gave me a good idea of my preparedness for the final exam.

The teams at Concorde were always very supportive.

Thank you all for the motivation and support!

Niyati Hemani

Niyati Hemani

My Scores: AUD - 81, BEC - 84, FAR - 86, REG - 87

When I decided to join the CPA course, I came across Concorde Academics over the net and decided to go ahead with it after reading the testimonials (today I am writing one!), and talking to their past students. Further, Gleim's premium version is reasonably priced and provides until you pass validity.

I take this opportunity to first thank Bhushan from Concorde to assist me with the evaluation process and the selection of the state board. Further, I thank Shashank sir for teaching US Tax well and patiently answering my queries. I also thank Satish sir and other faculties for providing guidance on other subjects. What I specifically appreciate is where other course providers market to complete CPA in 8-10 months, here there is no such fast prophecy, and one is encouraged to study at one's own pace.

I liked the Gliem study material which is thorough in itself and has an exhaustive question bank which provides ample practice. Also, Gliem's Smart Adapt Technology is useful in prioritizing the chapters that need attention and is helpful in the final review process. Gliem's question help desk has enabled me to promptly and satisfactorily solve my doubts to some of the confusing, testing, and trying questions. A special feature of Gliem I admire is the support of personal counsellors which is helpful in staying accountable, and motivated.

For CPA Aspirants, I would recommend Gleim and Concorde for the required support and guidance for the CPA course. One must also recognise that there is no substitute to self study and a consistent study of 2-3 months will suffice for each subject. However, life happens, therefore always keep some margin for exigencies. Good Luck!

Sriram Iyer

Sriram Iyer

My Scores: AUD - 83, BEC - 94, FAR - 92, REG - 91

It requires proper guidance and help to prepare and successfully conquer the US CPA exam. With Concorde and Gleim I got the necessary guidance and the help which was immensely required.

The physical books and the online MCQ/Sim provided by Gleim is excellently compiled and helps you prepare thoroughly for the exams.

The physical/online lectures provided by all professors of Concorde were extremely useful in understanding all the new concepts which are specific to the US CPA course.

I would really like to thank Gleim and Concorde Academics for the support that was given to me.

Neha Arora - Mumbai

Neha Arora - Mumbai

My Scores: AUD - 94, BEC - 99, FAR - 97, REG - 93

Its always said, work expands according to the time available, and if you are waiting for the right time, that is probably never going to happen till you seize the day and make the time right. I did just the same when I decided to clear the CPA exams that I had delayed for so long in the name of office work, changing portion and personal priorities.

I was always told by the professors at Concorde, you never really start studying till you have a deadline in mind. So I made sure I book my exam dates and get through with these exams in 2020 and make this dreadful year a little cheerful.

I had relied completely on the Gleim study material (Red Book), flashcards, and the MCQs study sessions. “A successful endeavor not only takes Hard Work and Dedication but also Support from the right individuals.” I would like to take this opportunity to thank Team Concorde and Gleim Publications for being the support on my journey to becoming a successful CPA US.

My results got me and my family just the happiness I was hoping for, in fact even better with the news of me being eligible for the Elijah Watt Sells Award on clearing CPA with an average of 95.75% in the first attempt.

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