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Check out our new look

Check out our new look

Check out our new look

For nearly 50 years, it’s been our mission to bring you the best exam prep courses—courses that prepare you to pass with confidence. We’ve delivered results to the millions of accountants who passed their exams with Gleim, and throughout 2023, we’ll be enhancing our courses to ensure we help millions more.

These enhancements stem from customer feedback, guidance from professional educators, and consultations with e-learning platform experts, bolstering our confidence in delivering successful results.

Let’s take a look at the first batch of improvements coming to Gleim courses on January 3.

Brand new study units

Study units are the core building blocks of our course. Redesigned from the ground up, our goal is to give you something simple to navigate and easy to use.

Brand new study units

If you’re unfamiliar with our study units, you can think of them like chapters in a book. Our accounting experts organize 100% coverage of exam content into study units to make it easy to learn related topics or concepts that build on one another.

Our courses are adaptive, which means they automatically adjust to what you’re doing and how well you’re doing it. The best place to see that in action is in your personalized recommendations and highlighted in the brand new proficiency gauge!

Updated recommendations, new proficiency gauge

Updated recommendations, new proficiency gauge

When you complete an exercise, your recommendation and the gauge will update.

Know what to tackle next in order to make progress, and refer to your new proficiency gauge to know where you stand.

Recommendations are tailored specifically by your performance to show you the most effective way forward, but you have the flexibility to choose your own path as well.

3 simple steps

Gleim breaks your studies down into three simple steps to give you a clear sense of what you know, where to focus, and how you are progressing. The steps are:

1. Set a baseline

Set a baseline

2. Learn the topics

Learn the topics

3. Measure your proficiency

Measure your proficiency

In order to complete a study unit, you’ll need to complete enough exercises (which are anything in the “Measure your proficiency” section) to expose you to all of the testable topics in that study unit. You’ll also have to do well enough on each of those topics to move the needle in your proficiency gauge into the green “proficient” section.

If you’re struggling on certain questions, your recommendations will direct you to the content you should review to learn the testable topics.

A dedicated home for tools

A dedicated home for tools

We moved all of the tools you can use to supplement your studies to their own section so they’re easy to find and near at hand. The course will not direct you use any of these items specifically because they aren’t required for you to progress, but you can and should use them if you find them helpful!

Overhauled navigation

In addition to rebuilding study units, we’re improving navigation between different parts of the course so you can easily find what you’re looking for and get there quickly by utilizing the helpful side menu!

Overhauled navigation

The course has always guided you toward your improvement areas to save you time studying. We’re making navigation simpler and faster for the same reason: Your time is valuable.

You can now access your study planner at all times, and there’s a new section for course tutorials and help videos.

Guided tours and tooltips

Guided tours and tooltips

The first time you login to your updated course, you’ll be asked if you want to take a tour of what’s changed.

Many elements of the course also now have tooltips that help you quickly understand their benefits. They’re accessible at any time for your convenience.

The best gets better

We hope you’re excited for the release on January 3 and can’t wait for you to benefit from these enhancements! If you’re already studying with us, please let us know what you think. Your feedback will help shape future updates.

If you’re ready to get certified, choose Gleim and start studying with our review courses for the CPA, CMA, CIA, or EA exams.

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