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Interactive Virtual Classroom

A virtual classroom learning environment promises to re-involve students in the learning process and make it a more easy, effective, interactive and participatory experience for the student as well as the faculty.

At Concorde, A Virtual Classroom

At the click of your choice is all about an efficient way of saving valuable time and using it for effective understanding of the subject.

The key benefits of Concorde Virtual Classroom are:

Easy Time Commitment

Lessons are broken into manageable chunks, easy to fit into the busy schedule of working professionals and students alike.

Faculty Experience

Concorde’s faculties have more than 22 years’ teaching experience under their belts, and even more working in the accounting field.

No Travel Time

The virtual classroom does away with the inconvenience of travelling to a physical location to learn – without sacrificing the interactive, engaging atmosphere of a live lecture.

Lesson Retention

The short duration of the learning session helps students remain focused and absorb more.

Monitored Progress

Experienced professionals monitor your progress one-on-one throughout the course, constantly assessing areas for personal improvement as well as your eligibility for the various certification programs.


Concorde offers a flexible payment plan.

Communicate With Experts

Expert counselors are always available as an invaluable resource, and are happy to provide individual feedback and tips throughout the course.

Class Schedules

Concorde offers options to attend weekend sessions.

Full Comprehension

The advantage of faculties, as opposed to self-study, is that they ensure that students fully comprehend the material – instead of mere memorization.

Gain Lasting Knowledge

Students can apply what they learn through Concorde not only to exam day, but also for their professional life beyond.

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