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Praneeti Pai - Mumbai

Praneeti Pai - Mumbai

My experience with Concorde-Gleim has been excellent. The team had promised handholding till the end and they actually lived up to whatever they claimed. They helped me right from the documentation for transcripts, to the application to State Board, to Visa procedures.

I would like to thank Bhushan Sir and Ashok Sir for helping me with the procedural part.
I would like to thank Satish Sir for his guidance, support, motivation and encouragement without which becoming a CPA (USA) would not have been possible.

The flashcards were a boon to go through just before the exam.

As for the Gleim review course I would say it is comprehensive and gives in depth knowledge and prepares you for the exam. The mcq’s are unique and in depth which may actually help when the exams are tough !!!

Pavan Goyal – Pune

Pavan Goyal – Pune

My Scores: AUD - 79, BEC - 91, FAR - 89, REG - 90

Without the confidence and support I received from Concorde team on each and every matter, along with the provision for best faculties and awesome classroom training, I would have never been able to clear the CPA exams.

Concorde has handheld me at each and every step right from understanding the CPA course, benefits, VISA Application, Certifications, Evaluations, Admission in US State Board, etc.

The Gleim Review is precise as well as descriptive materials. Amazing flashcards to revise the contents and subject matter easily.

Online question bank and simulations also added to my confidence.

It was because of Gleim I could pass and score best in all the four sections all at one go!

I would recommend Concorde Academics & Gleim study kit to each and every one who wishes to clear the CPA Exams.

Karan Chopra – Delhi

Karan Chopra – Delhi

My Scores: AUD - 82, BEC - 80, FAR - 83, REG - 79

Using the Concorde-Gleim CPA review, I passed all the 4 Sections in my very first attempt !!!

All I did was simply followed all the methods, guidelines, and here I am, passed all papers with ease and confidence.

I would highly recommend Concorde Academics for the fantastic experience and professional knowledge gained from their faculty members. Thanks Team Concorde.



My Scores: AUD(12.11.10) - 99, BEC(15.11.10) - 93, FAR(08.11.10) - 93, REG(22.11.10) - 98

Hard work and perseverance from my side coupled with guidance and support from the team at CONCORDE helped me pass all four sections of the CPA exam in my first attempt. The GLEIM- Test Prep Software helped me a great deal. The format is so much like the real test and the questions so comprehensive that the actual exam felt like just another test on the software. Additionally, the faculty at Concorde led by Shashank Sir were simply fabulous in presenting and simplifying the study material.



Six months back when I joined Concorde Academics there were all sort of worrisome questions in my mind regarding the procedure for CPA exams and the curriculum. More so since this was a multiple choice, online exam.

The faculty is great and never did I find that the day was very long. The proactive help in administrative and forms completion is really great, Team Concorde - really makes this look simple! The flash cards are really helpful and cover all important points while keeping the content summarized.

For CPA, the investment is high. Am glad that I did bank on the best!! Thank you once again for your awesome support and help both in the curriculum as well as administrative help for applying and booking the dates.

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