"I am so happy with the quality of coaching provided at Concorde. The teachers are technically sound and help you strengthen your concepts and basics. The Gliem Online Review System is the best form of education I have ever come across. The online study planner, the personal counselor facilities and not to forget the 'Study Sessions' are extremely useful tools for preparations. Personal Counselors are so approachable and extremely willing to help and enlighten you on the subject matter with relevant information. The online review system's "Performance Analysis" section helps you focus on weaker areas and gives concept clarity with the right number of MCQ's required for understanding. The system provides you a wholesome experience such that there are no last minute surprises in the examination centre. Its just all the preparation you need! I'd like to thank Bhushan, Ashok Sir and Ryan Bergh for their support!"


"I earned CGMA, the Chartered Global Management Accountant, American CPA and an active CPA license from Guam Board of Accountancy, the USA. My happiness knows no bound.

I am thankful and obliged to every member of Concorde Academics for having given me guidance and support from time to time. It was not possible for me to get these degrees & license without their motivation and inspiration. Furthermore, I made lot of correspondence with Gleim USA and they never let me down.

I think the candidates should have a belief in Concorde Acadamics led by Mr. Shashank Mundle and Mr. Satish Prabhu. They are brilliant and well supported by Ashok, Bhushan, Roshni and others. Nothing is impossible. I heard whatever they said and got it right through practise and perseverance.

To quote Shakespeare,

"Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant(brave) never taste of death but once. Of all the wonders that I yet have heard, It seems to me most strange that men should fear; Seeing that death, a necessary end, Will come when it will come."

Go, fight and you will get it and see the difference the CPA degree creates in your career."


"I would like to thank Concorde Academics for guidance and support in preparation for my US-CPA exam. This helped me greatly in clearing the exam in Sept’2014 with scores.

FAR – 82, AUD – 85, REG – 83 & BEC – 83. Study references including Gleim Study materials, Online MCQ, Simulation and Flash cards are in combination sufficient to pass the exam. The Gleim counselors respond very quickly in case you have queries in Online MCQ or Simulations. I would recommend all students to join Concorde Academics to boost their careers. Thank you Concorde-Gleim!!"


"A successful endeavour not only takes Hard Work and Dedication but also Support from the right individuals. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Team Concorde and Gleim Publications for being the support on my journey to becoming a successful CPA.

The Gleim Test Prep Software and Concorde Flash Cards helped a great deal at the time of exam.

Thanks to the team of professors led by Shashank Sir for presenting the course material in a simplistic manner.

My Scores are FAR - 79, AUD - 87, BEC - 88 and REG 82."


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